13/02/2018 – 20/03/2018

A practical guide to mastering the art of personal and interpersonal wellbeing

There are literally thousands of books out there on psychological and emotional wellbeing. Some are good and some, well, not so much. Learning through practical experience with like-minded people using easy to use, evidence based techniques will have a far greater chance of helping you.

MindYourSelf is a program that combines three highly researched and evidence based approaches to psychological wellbeing that include:
1. Becoming mindful
2. Developing self compassion and
3. Acting with gratitude

The program runs for one and a half hours per week for five weeks and beautifully combines practice skills development, with some theoretical understanding of what you are doing as well as the use of metaphors and stories to capture the essence of how personal growth occurs. The program explores the synergistic relationship between mindfulness, self-compassion and gratitude to create a balanced complete transformational process.

John Littleton has been a registered psychologist and trainer for over 20 years working with individuals, groups and organisations to increase resilience, reduce mental health problems and improve psychological wellbeing. He has been described as a highly engaging and skilled trainer who thrives on helping people achieving their goals and becoming their best self.

Come and join us on this enlightening and powerful journey.

When: 13/02/2018 – 20/03/2018
Time: Tuesday evenings 7pm – 8.30pm
Cost: $165

Payment can be made online, full payment required to book your spot.

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