Organic Vegan

Manic Organic stocks a vast array of Certified Organic vegan products. From beautifully creamy dairy alternatives to plant-based protein powders, we've got your all organic vego needs covered. 

We only  supply the very best vegan meals, treats and ingredients for the growing community of plant-based eaters in and around Woonona. We've got plenty of approachable meals for anyone wanting to explore a vegan or vegetarian diet, cater to the vegan in the family or simply reduce the number of days per week you eat animal products - whatever the reason!


Brands of Certified Organic vegan wonders in store:

Honest to Goodness

COYO (coconut yoghurt)

Kehoe's (vegan cheeses and ferments)

DeliSoy (tofu)

Stone Creek (flax seed oil)

Healthy Essentials (vegan probiotics)

Herbs of Life (kombucha)

C (coconut water)

Byron Gourmet Pies (vegan pie varieties) 

Syndian (frozen meals)

Elgin (frozen berries and veg)

SOL SPICE (turmeric latte mix)

Organic India (teas)

Tulsi (teas)

Monica's Mixes (bread, cake and wrap mixes)

as well as coffee beans, loose leaf teas, 

“First we eat, then we do everything else.”
M.F.K. Fisher