Andromedo Lembo.

Up close and personal with Andromedo Lembo.

She’s a creator and a maker who loves photography and styling. We sat her down and talked ‘personal value systems’.

Q1) Firstly, what do you love most about living in the gorgeous Illawarra region?

I’ve lived here for 6 years and it’s the beauty of the region that I love the most! Every night I can hear the ocean as I go to sleep and I wake up to the escarpment ‘on fire’ with those sunrises. There is also beauty to be found in the community I live in.

Q2) What are your two most important core values?

Kindness foremost is my most important core value, kindness to myself, to others and the environment we live in. Empathy is my other value and it sits perfectly with kindness, but it has me reaching for the tissues a lot.

Q3) How do you bring your core values to life every day?

I am kind to myself by having a good sense of self-worth. Kindness to others is easy when everything is peachy, but it’s more challenging when situations arise where people have conflicting views and different behavioural styles. Positive self-talk helps and I remind myself that everyone is on their own journey and that today might not be their day or their moment. I choose to make time to listen and help where I can.

Q4) What ethical impact do you make on your local community?

Two years ago I held a ‘wine and cheese night’ on my front lawn with local women. It was a fabulous night that left me thinking about organising another event and making it even more meaningful. So the following year I held the event again and we turned the night into a fundraiser for Chloe Saxby, a local girl with a rare terminal brain disease. The theme was ‘Wear a Crown, Grab a friend, Bring a plate to share and Donate’. It was a wonderful night of dress-ups and laughter and we raised $1000 for Chloe. This event has made me rethink what is truly important in life and what makes me happy.

Q5) Last but not least, is it true you married an Illawarra Hawks player? 

Ha! This is true, and when he read these questions he said: “They are just using you to get to me, I’m the one they really want to talk to!” Fortunately, our daughter seems to have inherited his basketball genes and he is loving watching her develop her skills!

Visit the wonderful Andromeda on her two collaboration accounts: Insta @m31_13m and also @thisjourney_now where she showcases the beauty of the Illawarra in breath-taking images.



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